Hi Everyone!

I’m Santiago Delacruz, and I’m thrilled to introduce my debut solo piano album, Lost in Longing—due out July 1st, 2022. Though I started this project three years ago, it simultaneously fulfills a lifetime of musical dreams as well as, for me, inspires a host of new ones.

When I set out to write the pieces for this album, my intention was clear: make music that I love. There are elements of classical music, movie soundtracks, Broadway musicals, and even jazz and pop. In short, anything that inspired me along my rich musical journey so far.

I believe that music is the language of emotion and, on this album, I’ve included songs that move me in different ways. Some are lush and romantic. Some are lively and playful. Others are wistful—encouraging a park walk. Some are sad but offer solace—at least they do for me.

It is my hope that you join me for what I think is a unique musical experience and allow me to share these stories from the heart.